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Science News for Students

July 8, 2020

One of my favorite magazines, to which I began subscribing about thirty years ago, after learning that Isaac Asimov was a long-time reader, is Science News, the magazine of the Society for Science & the Public. For decades the Society has run an annual science competition for students, with significant cash awards.

The magazine comes twice a month, 32 pages of 1/4-page to 8-page stories, covering all sorts of science topics. I recommend it, but that’s not the point of this posting.

They also have a free website of Science News for Students, designed to spark and encourage a thirst for science, science research, science reading. That’s all good, in my book. [You may have noticed that while our blogsite was created to focus on birds, we’re also interested in many other areas of science.]

Here’s a series of screen shots from the site, beginning with the top of the opening page.


A bit lower down on the first page, some categories of topics…


Here’s one of those topics, experiments you can do at home…


They have a section on our most recent planetary catastrophe, obsession and favorite pandemic…\

Check them out.
[Chuck Almdale]


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