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Los Angeles Birders Website & Webinars

August 24, 2020

Los Angeles Birders – A Birders’ Organization for the 21st Century

Los Angeles Birders (LAB) is a nonprofit public benefit all volunteer organization, working cooperatively to provide a variety of bird and birding-related programming and activities to Southern California birders interested in birding and citizen science. In the future LAB will have field trips, educational seminars and classes, and citizen science projects. They soon will have memberships available to all birders so you can help support their mission and projects, and help guide their direction. They are improving their website and soon will have the ability to sign-up for notices (like webinars, classes, etc.) and to actually join LAB as a member.  Stay tuned!

Link to their website with either or

Their Mission Statement
The mission of Los Angeles Birders is to bring birding, knowledge, and field experience together to encourage, educate, and empower birders. Though our focus is on birding in the greater Los Angeles area, we welcome all birders who share the same passion, regardless of where they may live. We are a volunteer organization that promotes birding, study, and education for birders of all levels. In addition, the organization strives to increase the appreciation of birds and their habitats, foster new birders, develop camaraderie among birders, promote citizen science, and support other like-minded organizations.

They currently have monthly webinars, which are recorded and on their website. They now have three programs in their live monthly webinar series, which they announce on LACoBirds listserve and are sent out by invitation while they get the hang of live streaming. Each is about 1 hour long, appear on the website within a day or two and you can access them here. Current titles are:

  • Dowitchers with Jon Dunn; Tue. Aug 11, 2020
  • White-crowned Sparrows with Jon Dunn & Kimball Garrett; Tue. July 14
  • Vermilion Flycatchers with Kimball Garrett; Tue. June 9, 2020

They also have quizzes! Tricky local birds only.

Los Angeles Birders – Students (LAB-S) provides community, friendship, fun, and learning opportunities for young people who have a passion for wild birds and their habitats. Join an exciting and rewarding group, geared specifically for student birders. [Link to Students]

  • Discover and study the amazing birds found in LA County and sometimes beyond, through monthly meetings.
  • Join in field trips (currently postponed due to covid-19) and other special events.
  • Network with other student birders and professional ornithologists.

Membership in Los Angeles Birders – Students (LAB-S)
Open a whole new world of birding, birds and birder friendships for student birders. At LAB-S you will have the opportunity to bird the best birding spots with like-minded friends and experts.  You will also get connected in a safe online community where you can share birding stories, questions, photos, and support where you can advance your birding skills and knowledge. LAB-S holds separate monthly webinars, has a newsletter, and some very enthusiastic members! (LAB-S members range in age from 8 to 18. The only requirement is that they are a student. If you know of a young person who may enjoy this experience, send them our way!) In the future LAB will have field trips, educational seminars and classes, and citizen science projects.

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