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Breeding Shorebird Atlas | Gyorgy Szimuly

March 12, 2021

[Posted by Chuck Almdale]

If you like shorebirds, you may find this project interesting. As Gyorgy points out below, it’s as useful to know where particular species are not found, or not breeding, as knowing where they do breed and are found. One of the important discoveries of the January 2001 Western Snowy Plover Winter Window Census of the U.S. Pacific Coast was that Snowy Plovers spend the winter at very localized roosting locations and the birds are rarely seen away from these roosts. As the years went by, we also learned that the same roosting locations persist from year to year. Without learning where the birds weren’t, we wouldn’t have been able to confirm this phenomenon.

Hi All,

The Shorebird Conservation Society has recently announced the launch of the Breeding Shorebird Atlas program aiming to map the abundance, distribution and threats of the shorebirds of the world. The registration for the program is now open and we encourage everyone to book a preferred spot. We not only need data where shorebirds breed but knowing where they don’t breed is equally important. During the 5-6 years of field work volunteers survey 1×1 km UTM squares.

Please find more details about the program here:

To find out more about the community please visit:

Membership fee doesn’t exist at the moment. To join us, please fill out the form at>

Best wishes, Szimi
Gyorgy Szimuly
Shorebird Conservation Society

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