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Trimming your trees in SoCal

June 4, 2021

[Posted by Chuck Almdale]

Our friendly neighboring Audubon Chapter, Los Angeles Audubon Society, has a handy booklet on tree-trimming do’s and don’t when birds are, or may be, using them for nesting or roosting. You can print your own 6-page copy for free by following the link below.

On our SMBAS blog site in the right-side column of web-links, look under “Plant Links” for “Tree-trimming in SoCal.”

Or go to “Urban Nature Resources,” scroll down to Bird-Friendly Tree Trimming, and select either English or Spanish.

Los Angeles County has more than 350 species of birds that live, nest, or pass through during annual migrations, and there are more than 120 species that live here year-round. Therefore, maintaining adequate green space for birds is critical. Birds are beautiful, economically important, and they are a bellwether of the health of our environment.

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