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Upstream: searching for wild salmon from river to table | Book suggestion

June 10, 2021

[Posted by Chuck Almdale]
[Suggested by Carol Prismon-Reed, our correspondent in Washington State]

Our lives are forever bound to water, and wild salmon are the canaries in our watery coal mine. Where wild salmon exist, so do healthy watersheds. Upstream: Searching for Wild Salmon from River to Table is author Langdon Cook’s love letter to salmon. Thoroughly researched and beautifully written, this book is worth your time, not just because you may love fish, but because all of us can learn much from vibrant, wild places.

— Mark Paxton, Director of Development for Carol’s local library in Washington, where everyone knows and cares about salmon.

Link to book on Penguin Random House

About Upstream

Finalist for the Washington State Book Award • From the award-winning author of The Mushroom Hunters comes the story of an iconic fish, perhaps the last great wild food: salmon.

For some, a salmon evokes the distant wild, thrashing in the jaws of a hungry grizzly bear on TV. For others, it’s the catch of the day on a restaurant menu, or a deep red fillet at the market. For others still, it’s the jolt of adrenaline on a successful fishing trip. Our fascination with these superlative fish is as old as humanity itself. Long a source of sustenance among native peoples, salmon is now more popular than ever. Fish hatcheries and farms serve modern appetites with a domesticated “product”—while wild runs of salmon dwindle across the globe. How has this once-abundant resource reached this point, and what can we do to safeguard wild populations for future generations? more…

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