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Mountain Lion freeway crossing

August 21, 2021

[Posted by Chuck Almdale], working in conjunction with the National Wildlife Federation, wants to put the world largest wildlife corridor crossing over the 101 freeway at Liberty Canyon. They want your help.

If you’ve been reading the local news, you already know that one of the biggest problems our local mountain lions have is to find one another without getting killed crossing one of our many major roads and freeways. Studies have been done and it was determined that the best spot to put a wildlife corridor crossing was at Liberty Canyon.

Screenshot of Google map – Liberty Canyon road at center

Obviously, all sorts of local animals will be able to use the corridor. Not just cougars. Western Fence Lizards for instance. And possums.

They already have a lot of support. As of right now, Saturday 21 August, 2021, 3,989 donors have contributed over $52 million dollars, or 61.2% of their goal of $85 million dollars. Some of these supporters are listed on their site: The Annenberg Foundation, State of California Wildlife Conservation Board, Coastal Conservancy, The John Logan Foundation, Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, The Carolyn J. Davis Charitable Trust, Mary Jo and Hank Greenberg Animal Welfare Foundation, Wanda & Bud Waugh, California Dept. of Fish & Wildlife, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, M. Piuze Foundation and 3,978 other helpful people and organizations.

Make that 3,979 others. I refreshed the page and it went up one.

Follow this link to their website, watch this cool (animated) video of the wildlife corridor construction over the 101 freeway, and then you can choose how to leave them some money.

Screenshot of video showing construction of wildlife corridor crossing

As the label says below, $5 from every mountain adoption will go towards the National Wildlife Federation’s #SaveLAcougars campaign. If you want to give in that way, go the the SaveLAcougars website, find the Adopt a Cougar! blue button, and click ADOPT, which then takes you to the NWF website.

Or, click the white button and give directly to

The above is a screenshot from their website, not a clickable button.

Refreshed it again. Make that 3,981 others.

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