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Sex Life of Spiders | Evening program now on-line

December 9, 2021

[Posted by Chuck Almdale]

Episodes from the Sex Life of Spiders, with Dr. Martina Ramirez
Time: 1:15:33

California Trapdoor Spider – Bothriocyrtum Californicum.
Once common in Southern California, including Santa Catalina Island,
populations and gene pool now shrinking due to loss of habitat.

This program is on Google Drive and needs no password.

A presentation of some of the recent findings Dr. Ramirez and her students have made in their spider lab concerning the sex life of spiders, specifically focusing on whether female trapdoor spiders mate once or many times, and on how the lack of a Y-chromosome in a local leaf litter spider is driving genetic differences between males and females. Includes discussion of teaching at Loyola. Spiders begins at time 7:40.

Woodlouse SpiderDysdera Crocata.
Originated in the Mediterranean area, now cosmopolitan distribution. Hunts woodlice,
sowbugs and pillbugs under logs, rocks, bricks, plant pots and in leaf litter in warm places.

Dr. Martina Ramirez is a Professor of Biology in the Seaver College of Science and Engineering at Loyola Marymount University.  She did her undergraduate work in biology at LMU and received her PhD at UC Santa Cruz. She has focused her scientific pursuits on spiders covering aspects such as population genetics, reproductive biology, and environmental toxicology.  In addition to her scientific endeavors, she has also been very active in the development of the biology department at LMU including increases in the faculty, involvement in building new facilities and in student affairs.  Along with having published 19 scientific papers, including 13 with undergraduate student co-authors, Dr. Ramirez is also co-author of a book, Happier as a Woman: Transforming Friendships, Transforming Lives (Cleis Press, 2019).      

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