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The Migrating Birds of Bear Divide | Ryan Terrill Website

March 8, 2023

In Addition to the Bear Divide Migrants program,
Dr. Ryan Terrill has four additional recorded presentations.

On the lookout.

Dr. Ryan Terrill’s website: LINK
On the website you can select from five recorded presentations by Dr. Terrill.

  • Bird Migrations in the San Gabriel Mountains: Bear Divide Update
  • Identifying Birds in Flight
  • Evolutionary Interactions of Feather Molt in Birds
  • The Influence of Coloration and Life-history on Evolution of Prealternate Molt in Parulidae
  • Neotenous Feather Replacement Facilitates Loss of Flight in Birds

Below is the description and biography we used to announce Dr. Terrill’s presentation to SMBAS.

The Migrating Birds of Bear Divide, with Dr. Ryan Terrill.

Bear Divide, in the San Gabriel mountains, has been recently found to host spectacular morning flights of migratory birds in the spring. For the past 5 years, birders have been counting migratory birds at Bear Divide, and over the past three years, the Bear Divide Migration Count has been intensively surveying this location to learn more about this unique phenomenon. Join count organizer Ryan Terrill to hear about this site, what kinds of birds use it, and what has been learned so far about this fantastic bird migration location.

Dr. Ryan S. Terrill grew up birding in California, and after graduating from U.C. Santa Cruz received his Ph.D. from Louisiana State University, for his study of the evolution of molt strategies in birds. He is a co-author of the Field Guide to the Birds of Bolivia, and the recent description of the Inti Tanager [see below], an avian genus and species new to science, as well as 24 other publications in peer-reviewed journals. He is active in the academic ornithology and the California birding communities, and has dedicated much of his past 5 springs to surveying morning flight of spring migrant birds at Bear divide.

Somehow the stunning Inti Tanager, now officially a new species, went unnoticed by birders and ornithologists visiting Peru and Bolivia over many decades. Daniel Lane
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