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Bald Eagles in the Snow — Renesting? | Facebook

March 23, 2023

[Posted by Chuck Almdale]

About the time I posted the first blog on Jackie & Shadow Bald Eagle — the two Bald Eagles nesting in a tree at Big Bear Lake — they abandoned their nest with two unhatched overdue eggs in it. Too cold, too much snow.

Now, 19 days later, it looks like they’re trying again, or at least going through the motions. Today, Thursday, 2023-03-23, at about 17:30, with the nest full of snow, one of the eagles appeared with talons full of little sticks, arranged them a bit, then the other eagle appeared with more little sticks and arranging continued. This is all on top of a nest full of snow. Tune in on the nonstop action!

In case you’re wondering, this is open to everyone and you don’t need to join Facebook to watch it.

Link to Live Eagle-Cam at Big Bear.
It still looks and sounds mighty cold.

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