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Mixology: Breaking Down 5 Common Birdseed Blends | Audubon Magazine

May 24, 2023

With all the products available these days, sometimes the jargon and claims can get confusing. Here’s a quick primer.

Audubon Magazine | Kevin Dupzyk | Spring 2023

[Posted by Chuck Almdale]

Top Left: Bird-excluding; Center: No-mess; Top Right: Bird-specific;
Bottom Left: Anti-squirrel; Bottom Right: High-energy.
Photos: Luke Franke/Audubon

Link to article from which this was adapted and shortened.

These are some of the varieties of seed mixes available. If you know what birds and animals you want and don’t want, buying the right mix will help get you to your goal. Quality and price varies. When available, check the reviews.

Bird-Excluding (top left) 
Starlings can’t crack open sunflower seeds. They do like safflower and milo which are usually included in these mixes, so you might be better off with a feeder that excludes starlings.

No Mess (center) 
No shells, no filler (such as red milo), everything is eaten; no mess, costs more.

Bird-Specific (top right)  
Finches, goldfinches and siskins love Nyjer seeds. These mixes are often made for sock and mesh feeders which finches love to hang from while eating.

Anti-Squirrel (bottom left) 
Coated with chili-pepper that birds can’t taste but irritates squirrels. Effectiveness varies, check reviews. You might also need a squirrel-proof feeder (if one is ever invented) or a squirrel baffle.

High-Energy (bottom right) 
Often called “winter blends” with lots of ingredients high in fat or protein: nuts, insects, high-oil seeds, even suet.

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