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Paramount Ranch to Malibu Creek Trek: 29 March 2009

March 29, 2009

Boots are recommended, but not mandatory, for this four-mile, one-way saunter through the fields and hills of the Santa Monica Mountains. Because parking at Paramount Ranch is (currently) free, we start there with a short tour of their reconstructed Old West movie set, then set off across the Reagan Ranch, ending up about 3.5 to 4 hours later at the parking lot in Malibu Creek State Park, from where we car-pool back to Paramount and have lunch. Along the way we see beautiful skies, trees in leaf, flowers in bloom, water in the creeks and birds singing everywhere. If you’d like to see some of the local “back country” of several of our state parks, I can’t think of a better way to do it. Along the way we pause a lot in order to examine the flowers and birds we come across. Led by wildflower aficionado Peggy Burhenn (neé Mueller) and birder Chuck Almdale, you don’t miss much. (Asterisked* flowers below are introduced non-natives.)


1 Ashy-leafed Buckwheat Gadwall
2 Big Pod Ceanothus American Wigeon
3 Blue Dicks Mallard
4 Blue Larkspur Bufflehead
5 Bush Lupine Ruddy Duck
6 California Bay Laurel Pied-billed Grebe
7 California Poppy Turkey Vulture
8 Caterpillar Phacelia (2 types) Cooper’s Hawk
9 Chamise (not in bloom) Red-shouldered Hawk
10 Chia Red-tailed Hawk
11 Chinese Caps American Kestrel
12 Coast Live Oak American Coot
13 Common Fiddleneck White-throated Swift
14 Coyote Brush (not in bloom) Anna’s Hummingbird
15 Curly Dock* Allen’s Hummingbird
16 Dove Lupine Belted Kingfisher
17 Elderberry Acorn Woodpecker
18 Fiesta Flower Nuttall’s Woodpecker
19 Golden Currant Downy Woodpecker
20 Green bark Ceanothus Northern Flicker
21 Hog Fennel Pacific-slope Flycatcher
22 Horehound* Black Phoebe
23 Hummingbird Sage (not in bloom) Cassin’s Kingbird
24 Indian Paintbrush Western Kingbird
25 Johnny-Jump Up Warbling Vireo
26 Lace Pod Western Scrub-Jay
27 Laurel Sumac American Crow
28 Milk Thistle (not in bloom) Common Raven
29 Miner’s Lettuce No. Rough-winged Swallow
30 Mistletoe Cliff Swallow
31 Mugwort Barn Swallow
32 Mule Fat Oak Titmouse
33 Mustard* Bushtit
34 Parry’s Phacelia White-breasted Nuthatch
35 Pineapple Weed* Bewick’s Wren
36 Poison Oak House Wren
37 Popcorn Flower Ruby-crowned Kinglet
38 Prickly Phlox Western Bluebird
39 Purple Nightshade Hermit Thrush
40 Purple Sage Wrentit
41 Red-stem Filaree* Northern Mockingbird
42 Scrub Oak (with gall) European Starling
43 Soap Plant Orange-crowned Warbler
44 Spring Vetch* Yellow-rumped Warbler
45 Sticky Monkey Flower (not in bloom) Black-throated Gray Warbler
46 Sugar Bush Townsend’s Warbler
47 Toyon Common Yellowthroat
48 Valley Oak Spotted Towhee
49 Western Sycamore California Towhee
50 White Sage Song Sparrow
51 Wild Cucumber Lincoln’s Sparrow
52 Wild Radish* White-crowned Sparrow
53 Wild Rose (not in bloom) Dark-eyed Junco
54 Wild Sweet Pea Red-winged Blackbird
55 Willow Western Meadowlark
56 Yucca House Finch
57 Lesser Goldfinch
58 House Sparrow
WHITE YELLOW (continued)
California Everlasting Western Wallflower
Catalina Mariposa Lily Yellow Sweet Clover
Cliff Aster ORANGE
Datura Scarlet Pimpernel
Dodder RED
Indian Milkweed Crimson Pitcher Sage
Matilija Poppy Fushchia-flowered Gooseberry
Morning Glory Heart-leaved Penstemon
Narrow-leaved Milkweek Indian Pink
Two-toned Everlasting PINK
White Chapparal Currant Bush Mallow
White Nightshade Chaparral Pea
Windmill Pink Elegant Clarkia
YELLOW Hedge Nettle
Burr Clover Purple Clarkia
Bush Poppy Bush Sunflower Purple Owl’s Clover
Canyon Sunflower Slender Phlox
Coast Wallflower Sour Clover
Coastal Lotus Speckled Clarkia
Collarless California Poppy White-stem Filaree
Common Sunflower PURPLE / BLUE
Deerweed Black Sage
Golden Yarrow Branching Phacelia
Moth Mullein California Peony
Mountain Dandelion Chocolate Lily
Slender Sunflower Common Vervain
Slender Tarweed Fern-leaf Phacelia
Sow Thistle Sticky Phacelia
Strigose Lotus Succulant Lupine (Arroyo, Foothill)
Telegraph Weed Wooly Blue Curls

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