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October Thoughts

October 20, 2010

Did you know that the California Condor population in the California wild hit 100 ? A milestone ! In 1982, there were 22 wild condors in the state. The populations of Arizona, Utah, Baja Mexico and California now total near 400 and we hope the number is growing.


(Source – U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)

Did you know that the top waddle speed of the Antarctic Emperor Penguin is 1.7 miles per hour ?

(Source – Stanford Dept. Of Geologic and Environmental Science)

Did you know where the Zenaida Dove got its name ? It was named in honor of Zenaida Laetitia Julie Bonaparte. She was the daughter of Joseph Bonaparte (Napoleon’s brother) and she married Charles Lucien Bonaparte – her cousin- which made her Princess Zenaida Bonaparte Bonaparte. Her husband was an ornithologist (he had a gull named for him)and he named the doves for his wife. If you want to see her, there is a beautiful portrait of Zenaida and her sister Charlotte by Jacques -Louis David at the Getty Museum ( West Pavilion – second floor – European paintings)

This October is having unusual weather – stick native plants in the ground and take advantage of the rain.

See you soon and stay dry, Ellen


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