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Unusual Birds at Malibu Lagoon

October 21, 2010

Occasionally Malibu Lagoon gets an uncommon avian visitor. When we receive photos of these birds, we try to get them into an appropriate and upcoming blog/email, such as an announcement of an upcoming field trip. To reduce blogsite clutter, these announcements are deleted after the trip has run, but we hate to lose any interesting photos they may have contained. So we’re creating this blog as a permanent record of these photos. It will change when we add photos, but you won’t receive an email notification of such changes. You’ll just have to check back! New submissions always welcome. [Chuck Almdale]

Virginia Rail (J. Waterman 11/28/10)

Black Tern juvenile (J.Kenney 9/26/10)

Gray Flycatcher - note dark tip of lower mandible (Joyce Waterman 9/26/10)

Eastern Kingbird (Frank/Susan Gilliland 9/25/10)


Lesser Nighthawk in the evening - not all birds at the lagoon are there in the morning (Daniel Tinoco 9/7/10)

"Hey! Look! You can see the bottom!" (Wilson's Phalaropes by J.Kenney 9/10)

Even a juvenile Ruff appears! (J.Kenney 9/5/10)

White-winged Dove (Joyce Waterman 8/29/10)

Yellow-crowned x Black-crowned Night-Heron Hybrid(?) on its favorite log (L.Johnson 8/6/10

Yellow-crowned x Black-crowned Night-Heron Hybrid (L.Johnson 8/6/10

Brant (C.Bragg 5/10)

Merlin momentarily resting (L.Johnson 11/09)


Sora seen from 1st footbridge (C.Almdale 11/09)

Franklin's Gull (Monica Minden (4/10/08)

  1. January 25, 2011 11:03 am

    I have a flickr account where I post photos that I have taken at Malibu Lagoon. Would you check over my identifications? And please include me if you have any group trips!

    Thanks you,


    • Chuck Almdale permalink
      January 28, 2011 5:15 pm

      Nice site, Monica! I made comments on it by separate email to you.


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