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L.A. County Breeding Bird Atlas: Sponsor a Bird!

May 16, 2011

To All: We’re sending you this message on behalf of Larry Allen, local birder extraordinaire (especially gulls), who has indefagitably labored for years getting the Los Angeles County Breeding Bird Atlas organized, censused, collated and soon, very very soon, off to the printer. Lillian and I sponsored the Burrowing Owl page, but there are still species available for you! I encourage everyone to help the book, help the birds and help Larry get this book out.
[Chuck Almdale]

What is faster than a speeding hummingbird, with more impact than a Peregrine hitting its prey?

You guessed it — a Breeding Bird Atlas Species Sponsorship!  They are going fast, and your $100 tax-deductible donation will have an impact now more than ever as we near the final publication of our Los Angeles County Breeding Bird Atlas.  Of 246 birds addressed in the Species Accounts, only 53 remain unsponsored.  Here are our orphans, crying for your help:

Fulvous Whistling Duck Western Wood-Pewee
Mute Swan Willow Flycatcher
[Ringed Teal] Gray Flycatcher
Gadwall Dusky Flycatcher
Northern Shoveler Ash-throated Flycatcher
Redhead Gray Vireo
Ring-necked Pheasant Plumbeous Vireo
[Wild Turkey] Cassin’s Vireo
[Brandt’s Cormorant] Purple Martin
[American Bittern] Tree Swallow
[Great Egret] Northern Rough-winged Swallow
[Snowy Egret] [Bank Swallow]
[Bald Eagle] Golden-crowned Kinglet
[Clapper Rail] Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
Virginia Rail [Common Myna]
Common Moorhen Nashville Warbler
Caspian Tern Virginia’s Warbler
Royal Tern [Hooded Warbler]
African Turtle-Dove Chipping Sparrow
Eurasian Collared-Dove Lincoln’s Sparrow
Inca Dove Yellow-headed Blackbird
Common Ground-Dove Brewer’s Blackbird
Blue-crowned Parakeet Great-tailed Grackle
White-winged Parakeet Brown-headed Cowbird
White-fronted Parrot European Goldfinch
Blue-fronted Parrot Pine Siskin
Yellow-headed Parrot

[Bracketed birds are: post-Atlas, historical, and island-breeding species, and will not have maps].

Don’t miss out! Order through Los Angeles Audubon’s website:
Click on Online Nature Store on right side of screen, then on Sponsor a Breeding Bird Species at the top.

Or, call Audubon House (323-876-0202), or send your check for $100 to Los Angeles Audubon (P. O. Box 931057, Los Angeles, CA 90093-1057) to sponsor your species. As an added bonus, Species Sponsors receive a free Atlas t-shirt, but these are limited in supply as well, so please sponsor now! (And watch this space for the announcement of a special pre-publication price on the Atlas volume.)

Larry Allen
Atlas Project Coordinator

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