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New Photos from Malibu Lagoon

April 28, 2012


Killdeer chick, as leggy as a Secretary-Bird (J.Waterman 4/21/12)

Joyce Waterman, who, with husband Doug, has supplied many photos to this blog over the past few years, took a couple of photos last Saturday, April 21, the day before our last lagoon walk.

Killdeer chick, a little unsteady. (J.Waterman 4/21/12)

Unfortunately she sent them to me after I’d already posted the blog.  They are so cute that I wanted everyone to see them.   They have also been added to the trip report blog already posted, as well as to our special page of Lagoon Birds (which I’m sure everyone knows has been on our blogsite for well over a year).

These photos were taken at the same place we saw the Killdeer nest last year, which was on a small “island” (or bump) inland of the Snowy Plover enclosure.  So…watch your step out there!
James Kinney, major photographic contributor to our blog, just sent this photo of a

With "eyebrows" much like some of our older chapter members, this Double-crested Cormorant displays the crests for which it was named. (J.Kenney 4/26/12)

bird we all saw on Sunday, a Double-crested Cormorant in alternate (breeding) plumage proudly displaying the crests for which it was named.   [It reminds me of George Burns.]   Most west coast birds have white crests whereas the crests of most east coast birds are black.  There was at least one bird at the lagoon with black crests.

If you have not yet visited our chapter’s Facebook page, then you’ve missed the huge albums of James Kenney’s photos of local birds, many from Malibu Lagoon, currently totaling over 210 photos, each one annotated with loads of interesting information.  It’s a public page so you don’t need to be a Facebook member or sign up to become one in order to visit.
Finally, having nothing to do with the lagoon but everything to do with birding, here’s a link to a “News” story which recently showed up on BIRDCHAT, the U.S. chatline for birders.  [If you don’t subscribe, think about signing up.   It’s free. No salesman will call.]  You’ll see why I put “News” in quotes.  Have your bird book close at hand while you watch the video.  This story is an “onion” – just when you think there are no more layers of stupidity to be revealed, you see that you are mistaken. No one escapes.  [Chuck Almdale]

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