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Bird News Roundup

June 2, 2012

Loads of fun for the entire birding family!

Birding in L.A.: 7 Reasons to Do It and How to Get Started  by Tawny Flechtner
Published in LA Weekly on 5/29/12.  Local birder writes funny and useful article.

The winners of the HBW (Handbook of Birds of the World) 2012 photography contest. Stunning photography!

Rockjumper is a bird travel company based in Africa (where the rockjumpers live) and they select a photo-of-the-month.  They are always outstanding, and if you sign up for it on-line, they’ll email it to you every month.  They’ll also keep you apprised of their upcoming trips.  I’ve never traveled with them but I know people who have and have gotten good reports from them. See their latest picture here.

Paleobirding 125 Million Years Ago: Enormous teeth, long snouts and long, bony tails.
From Wired Science: Daniela Hernandez, April 9, 2012

I missed this one when it appeared on the ABA website more than two months ago.  This is a must-read for all you listers (we know who you are).
The Politics of Checklist Instability, by Ted Floyd.
Here’s a California Condor picture, taken 4/3/12 at Big Sur.

Book review of How to be a Better Birder, by Derek Lovich
Reviewed on The Passionate Birder

Link to a large archive of USGS lectures on film, such as the 3/31/11 lecture by Jon Hagstrum on How Homing Pigeons Know Where To Go. It is fascinating and presents a strong case that sound is the major clue to the birds rather than sight, magnetic field, etc.

Here’s a photo essay on a real Roadrunner, not like that one we were hornswoggled into publishing two months ago.

The WSJ (yes! that Wall Street Journal) had an article on field guides for birds. Imagine that!
Knowing a Hawk from a Handsaw, by Laura Jacobs, 5/25/12
***************************************An article from the University of Oxford (England)
Feathers Show Their True Colors, by Pete Wilson, 5/10/12

An article on mistnetting from Conservation Magazine
Entangled, by David Malakoff, 6/30/11

Last, but not least…….
I nominate the legislators of North Carolina for the annual The Light’s On But Nobody’s Home award.  I’ll bet you didn’t know there was one.  They decided to stop the sea level from rising, causing them to lose land and citizens, by outlawing science that might predict that ocean levels will rise.  From Scientific American.
NC Considers making Sea Level Rise Illegal, by Scott Huler, 5/30/12

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