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New Blog Page on Malibu Lagoon Reconfiguration

June 19, 2012

We’ve created a new permanent page on our blog devoted mostly to photos of the reconfiguration project, now underway.
It’s self-explanatory.
There is a permanent link to this page on our blog home page, located under the title photo.
[Chuck Almdale]

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  1. June 20, 2012 2:15 am

    Hello you fine-feathered Birders,

    I will continue field trips at Malibu Lagoon whenever possible to help everyone, who wamnts to know, understand the restoration work that appears to many peoppe to be what looks like total chaos.

    Short notice: I will be there today, Wed June 20 at 2:00 pm. I will expain what is happening, why it is happening, and what it will accomplish.
    Matt Horns


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