We now have the new event list for August 2014 – September 2015 available on the blog as a printable PDF file.  It shows all our chapter programs, chapter field trips as well as California bird festivals.

If you haven’t poked around our blog recently, there may be some pages that are new to you as well as new information on old pages. Much that is on our blog does not get sent out in the automatic emails. All these features can be reached by clicking on their names, found in the area just below the masthead and line “The Official SMBAS Online Newsletter.”

Bird & Marine Mammal Rescue: The local rescue operations, with websites, phone nos. addresses and email contacts.

Malibu Lagoon 2012-13 Project: This consists of one main page and three subsidiary pages.
1.  Main page including slide show of the project in progress and news updates.
2.  Monthly bird census summaries for periods May 2012 through the most recent month.
3.  Links to lagoon project films, interviews and documents.
4.  The story behind the Winter Ramp / Summer Clock.

Lagoon Photos: Some of the more uncommon birds, and uncommonly nice views of birds we’ve seen at Malibu Lagoon.

Western Snowy Plovers: So far this consists of an extended article about the Snowy Plover colony at Malibu Lagoon (Surfrider Beach), with background on the west coast population of this threatened species. More to come.

Bird Locating: An article about how to help others find the bird you’re looking at. It’s harder than one might think.

Printable Calendar & Lagoon Checklist: The event calendar mentioned above, plus our checklist of the 140 most likely species at Malibu Lagoon.

California Bird Festivals: A list of the bird festivals of which we are aware, with links to their websites.

Los Angeles County Birding Spots: This consists of one main page and six subsidiary pages. These pages contain maps and may take a few seconds to display.
Main Page; Information geared to new and visiting birders; locations for parrots, doves and some other weird species.
Pages 2 – 7. One page for each of these six county areas: Antelope Valley, Mountains, San Fernando Valley, No. Santa Monica Bay, Centrai & Eastern LA County, South Bay and Palos Verdes Peninsula.

Links:  About 50 links to other websites, listed in the right-hand column, divided up into the following categories:  Audubon, Birds, Environmental Organizations, Government, Malibu Lagoon, Other Blogs, Plants.

Finally, a page that is still a Work In Progress is our Birding Info. Pages. This is a compendium of useful hints, ID tips, L.A. County bird arrival dates, Quick Indexes, and other odd bits. We’ll let you know when it’s ready to be used.


[Chuck Almdale]