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New Blog Page – Bird ID Tip Sheets, Check Lists & Other Goodies

August 26, 2014

We have a new blog page, called BIRDING INFO. PAGES.
It’s not actually new, just unannounced until we stocked it with some items.
This is a collection of PDF files which you can click, print, and take into the field to help you with pesky identifications problems.  Many thanks to several birders – Wanda Dameron, primarily – who put this information together. We hope birders will find them useful and are willing to send us items of  similarly useful  nature. Many documents are a half page – easily tucked into your field guide.

It’s with our other blog pages, located just below the masthead Snowy Plover picture. Take a look. Print them out. Comments, corrections and additional submissions welcome.
[Chuck Almdale]

Dowitchers – non-breeding
Flycatchers – Empidonax of Southern California
Gulls of Southern California 2 sheets
Hummingbird Females of Arizona
Hummingbird Females of California & Arizona
Loons in Winter
Warblers – Western

California Bird List @ July’14
Los Angeles County Bird List Scientific Sequence
Los Angeles County Bird List by Habitat

Bird Songs – Phonetic Mnemonics
CA Rare Bird Synopsis (Feb’12) of Date & Locations
How to Use Binoculars
L.A. County Birds – Potential New Species K.Garrett Nov’13
Shorebird arrival dates for June in SoCal
Snowy Plover- Protection Rules & Guidelines

Sibley Quick Index Alphabetical for 2014 2nd Edition
Sibley Quick Index by Habitat for 2014 2nd Edition
Shorebirds Quick Index for ABA – Birds Hayman, Marchant & Prater 1986

  1. permalink
    August 26, 2014 6:39 pm

    Hi Chukar, 

    What a gold mine of information in you new blog page! Fantastic!  Thank you for sharing. 

    I live in northern NJ, do a fair amount of birding in the area on trips, and travel to LA several times a year. I signed up for the SMBAS newsletter several months ago, and I hope to be able to attend one of your meetings or outings one of these days when I’m in LA. 

    In the meantime, thank you again!

    Enid Hayflick, Ridgewood, NJ


    • Chukar permalink*
      August 27, 2014 10:54 am

      Hi Enid:
      Thanks for the vote of approval. If you have any similar ‘tip sheets’ you’d like to share, send them along. They need not be specific to SoCal. We hope to make this useful to as many people as possible so as to minimize “reinventing the wheel” as Wanda (our main contributor so far) put it.

      You’re welcome to join any of our field trips, as is everyone. Our most recent field trip calendar is on-line. There are a few trips where we ask you to notify us of your coming, primarily because if we don’t know you’re coming, we don’t wait for you.

      Also check out our “L.A. County Birding Locations,” for a veritable googolplex of useful tidbits.
      P.S. I used to live in West Caldwell, garden spot of the Garden State.


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