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Water-conserving rain barrels, nearly free!

January 4, 2015

If you have a garden in which you’ve been trying to save water, this is the great deal that comes up every once in a while. You buy rain barrels at a reduced rate, you install them at your house. Often a local official comes to check that you have installed them. In some towns such as Santa Monica, you have to confirm your continued use of the barrels annually.

The really good part is that a week or two after you have installed the barrels, you get reimbursed for your expense! I installed three barrels three years ago and I haven’t used the municipal water for my numerous potted plants since. It also provides enough water for my compost box most years.

You will probably have to do a little modification on some of your roof /gutter downspouts, but I bet you’ll be surprised how much fog drip you will also collect in the non-rainy season.

Here is the link to follow: Note you must pre-order and pre-pay no later than the Wednesday prior to the event you’d like to attend. If they have extra barrels on hand, they bring them to the event.

Thank you to Grace M. for the alert

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