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Bird Checklist Updates – World, California, Los Angeles County

August 11, 2016

Since The Clements Checklist of Birds of the World, 6th. Edition was published in June, 2007, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology has updated it annually. Every August, they provide links to the updated checklist and the changes since the last checklist. This list is used by the American Birding Association and most North American birding groups for checklist and phylogenetic purposes.

Click for all updates, downloadable August 2018 checklist and general list information.

The California Bird Records Committee updates their California checklist every August, and includes taxonomic changes accepted by the American Ornithological Union.

We also have on our blogsite a PDF copy of the Field List of the Birds of Los Angeles County, most recently updated in July, 2014 by Kimball Garrett of the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History. On the Birding Info. Pages, scroll down until you find “Los Angeles County Bird List Scientific Sequence.” There are also links to more recent checklists and sequences lists (non-checklist format).
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