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Joyas Voladoras

April 3, 2017

Something to think about before our April 4 show
on Andean hummingbirds

Anna’s Hummingbird female (Jim Kenney 8/14/12)

Joyas Voladoras

by Brian Doyle
From: The American Scholar

Consider the hummingbird for a long moment. A hummingbird’s heart beats ten times a second. A hummingbird’s heart is the size of a pencil eraser. A hummingbird’s heart is a lot of the hummingbird. Joyas voladoras, flying jewels, the first white explorers in the Americas called them, and the white men had never seen such creatures, for hummingbirds came into the world only in the Americas, nowhere else in the universe, more than three hundred species of them whirring and zooming and nectaring in hummer time zones nine times removed from ours, their hearts hammering faster than we could clearly hear if we pressed our elephantine ears to their infinitesimal chests.

Link to the rest of the essay.
Thanks to Joyce for the suggestion.

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