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49 Bird Bird Quiz | ABC

January 11, 2022

[Posted by Chuck Almdale]

I snipped the following from the 2020 Annual Report of American Bird Conservancy. They send me this every year because I send them money every year. It’s a worthy organization, deserving of your support, which in turn supports bird and bird habitat projects throughout the Americas, frequently through partnering with local organizations such as Fundación Jocotoco of Ecuador. Bird conservation projects received 69% of their expenditures in 2020, Education and Outreach another 4%, and they blew only 3% on fundraising. Charity Navigator gives them four stars, their highest rating. I think giving you this information is fair exchange for my borrowing their bird quiz, which I promise to return.

All 49 species are birds of the Americas, but I’ll give you an almost useless hint and tell you that over 10% of them are not found in the wild within the 50 U.S. states or Canada. Answers follow the two pages of birds. Reproduction by ‘snip’ is imperfect, but I think the photos are sufficiently clear for identification.

Link to ABC’s Bird of the Week:

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